Recently the school community voted on a new uniform.  The new uniform is for the full year (ie no summer and winter uniforms), with no separate uniform for the Senior students.  The new uniform will be phased in, with it coming into full effect on the first day of Term 1 2022.

To purchase our school uniform, click below on “Enter our Uniform Shop”.   Uniforms purchased online through our Uniform Shop will be delivered directly to your home.  Alternatively, uniforms can be purchased through the school office and paid off weekly. 

Summer Caps and Hats (compulsory wearing in Term 1 & 4) are available from the school office, along with a limited number of new PE uniform, polo shirts and jerseys.  Some second hand items are available, from the school office.


Our smart, functional uniform assists students to develop a sense of belonging, and pride in themselves and their school.We rely on parents/caregivers to help us:

  • Maintain a good standard of dress
  • Confine jewellery to a wristwatch and 1 set of ear studs only
  • Keep facial makeup and fingernail polish for weekends and special occasions
  • Maintain hairstyles that are appropriate and safe for all school activities (if necessary hair should be tied back). Hair fringes must not obstruct eyes/ vision / view. Radical styles and coloured hair are unacceptable.
  • Comply with footwear requirements e.g. no sneakers/basketball boots for day wear (acceptable for sports activities only)
  • Ensure that all clothing is clearly NAMED
  • Please note that students with additional piercings will be asked to remove them

Taonga - Cultural (e.g. bone carving, pounamu), religious (e.g. Catholic cross, Hindu shakti) - at St Joseph's School, there is a right to wear the appropriate items without prejudice or bias. Taonga is best kept underneath clothing during Technology classes. Taonga should be removed for PE & Sport lessons, all due to safety for not being caught and or ripped off; protecting wearers or those interacting with you if in a physical capacity.