The Board is a hard-working group of volunteers who have the responsibility for governing our school.

They usually meet twice per term on Thursday evenings at 5.30 p.m.

Meetings are advertised in the school newsletter, and as a public meeting, all are welcome to attend. 

For those that do attend:

  • Members of the public do not have speaking rights at the meeting unless invited to speak by the Presiding Member.
  • Members of the public may be excluded during ‘in-committee’ (sensitive) discussions.
  • Meetings are generally concluded by 7.30pm

The Board has opted for mid-term elections which enables it to have a number of its parent representatives elected mid-term (2) and the remainder (2) elected at an election year.

Parent Elected Representatives

Jacquiline Sanders-Jones

Richard Payne (Presiding Member)

Nicolette Werner


Aaron O’Neill

Proprietors Representative

Sally Cawston

Vipin Thomas

Staff Trustee

Rachael James