Excerpts from Last Review (2018)

The Board of Trustees is aware of their responsibility in regard to the stewardship of Catholic Character.  The Proprietor’s Appointees take a full role on the board and ensure that Catholic character is a focus of all decisions.  The board has a strong relationship with the Principal acknowledging their part in the strengthened culture of the school since the last review. 

The School is to be commended for the work it has done in reducing the number of non-preference students above the minimum.

The School also meets its statutory requirements in the following areas:

  • The tagged teachers
  • School Charter
  • School policies
  • Principal’s report
  • Principal’s job description and appraisal goals
  • Staff job descriptions
  • Staff performance appraisal
  • Student enrolment packs
  • Teacher’s handbooks
  • Employment pack information
  • Students are reverent, enthusiastic and confident to participate in school and class prayer life.
  • St Joseph’s is a multi-cultural and inclusive school. Parents and wider community members are welcomed, and treated with courtesy and hospitality.
  • The school draws a shared understanding of spirituality from their charism of St Mary of the Cross MacKillop and the Sisters of St Joseph.  The school views these women as role models for being disciples of Christ.  This spirituality of inclusiveness and service is seen as paramount by staff, whanau and students.  It is articulated through the quotes of St Mary MacKillop: ‘Make room for everyone’ and ‘Never see a need without doing something about it’.  The students display them through their acceptance and desire to be of assistance to each other.

​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​

  • Students and their whanau are welcomed and immersed into the faith community; firstly, through the Junior Joes pre-school programme and then through the variety of spiritual formation opportunities that the school provides.
  • The enrolment pack is an excellent source of Catholic material for whanau.
  • A restful and reflective prayer garden has been developed encouraging students and whanau to take quiet moments to reflect on their spiritual journey.  This includes flowers, shrubs, a bird house and beehive – all recognition of St Mary of the Cross MacKillop and Fr Tenison-Woods love of nature.
  • All staff members are strong faith witnesses who are also active in their respective parishes with two teachers assisting with sacramental programmes.

  • Our spirituality is supported by the school’s Good Shepherd Gospel Values of faith, love, responsibility, honesty and courage.  These values are woven through prayer, classroom dialogue between teachers and students and in classroom lessons.
  • The DRS (Miss Anderson) provides sound leadership of the religious education curriculum.  She willingly shares her gifts and skills with staff and the whole school and parish community.
  • A robust staff induction programme provides important Catholic character material, including the school’s Gospel values, explanations of and expectations of the teachers in S464 positions, philosophy of Catholic schools.
  • Leadership is supported by teachers who are collegial, experienced and willing to share their expertise with new staff.
  • Students interviewed as part of the review commented that teachers are inspirational, encouraging and good role models.
  • Classroom prayer is rich with variety.  Students are engaged and find this time valuable, especially the quiet reflective and meditative moments.
  • Students appreciate sharing prayers in their own language.
  • There is school-wide consistency with planning, assessment, evaluation and reporting procedures.
  • There are regular reports to the board on religious education achievement and whanau are now being advised of achievement in written reports.
  • Religious education is given high status within the teaching programme.  The programme is supported with a range of resources including online resources.  Students are actively engaged in lessons – they are enthusiastic, joyful and their cultural diversity is celebrated.  The classrooms are positive learning environments.