The Junior Joes programme is available to pre-enrolled soon-to-start-school,  children and their parents/caregivers (who must attend with their child).  An invitation to attend will be given within the 6 months prior to the child starting school. 

This a once a week class on a Thursday afternoon.  This is in addition to Kingergarten, Kohanga Reo, Child Care or Pre-school that you child may already attend.   The class will operate from 1.30pm to 2.40pm.  We encourage you to arrive about 1.15pm and join the other children in the playground before class starts.

Junior Joes aims to make the transition to school easier for the child and family, by them being familiar with our school, our staff and some school programmes and routines.   It also helps to aid relationships with other new entrants starting at a similar time.

If you are interested in attending or have any queries please contact the school office or alison@stjos.school.nz